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If an apocalyptic event were to occur over the next 10-20 years, what shape is it most likely to take?

In 2037, a series of events, totally uncoordinated and separate from one another brought forth a sea change in the United States and around the world. In and of themselves, these events, on their own, would have merely been another tragic sign of the times, but in concert with each other brought an epic change to the worlds landscape, politically and physically.

  1. Senator Megan McCain (I) put forth a bill offering amnesty to all undocumented cyborgs and a complete reform package is put forth to allow them a path to citizenship. With five years until the predicted White population becoming officially a minority[1], tensions are running high. Anti-Cyborg groups, in the deeply hispanic communities of the border, pass ID laws declaring Cyborgs non-human.
  2. A border incident outside of Brownsville, Texas occurs in which a hispanic human minuteman is accidentally knocked into a coma, and later dies from his injuries, after shoving Cyborg Congressman George X Washington 202 (C). A human aide shoves his attacker, using his bionic implants he received in the Libya-Iran-North Korea Afghanistan-Turkey-Iraq Skirmish (LINKATI Rebellion.) The attacker trips backwards and is impaled on a rock, inducing the coma.
  3. The congressman’s aide, a 25 year old, with an American mother and a Chinese diplomat father, is shot outside the hospital where he is holding vigil over the man he shoved, by a Tea Party activist. Fortunately, his implants stop the bullet, but cause a cyborg riot in Cyborg Alley, Michigan. Cyborg Alley, the center of Cyborg production, built on the ashes of Old Detroit after the Gilded Age riots of 2025, is feared to possibly suffer a similar fate as Detroit. After the aide goes on National Hologram and pleads for Cyborgs to “Drop your old biases and hate, and focus on our common goal, kicking out the Tea States”, the cyborgs cease all violence, and start building a military force at the Cyborg production facilities.
  4. Congressman Marcus Bachmann puts forth the Defense of Universal Human Marriage act (DUHM), banning all human-cyborg marriages. President Malia Obama threatens to veto it.
  5. The members of the Tea Party Caucus (all in southern states) attempt to defund everything and start an uprising against President Obama, citing the 2nd Amendment as their constitutional right to do so. They use the Mockingjay as their symbol. President Obama triples the Cyborg Military budget immediately and demands the Tea Party lay down their arms, both the weapons and their bionic implant arms.
  6. A Category 6 hurricane (a new category for 180mph wind storms that occur on a regular basis), Hurricane George, wipes Florida off the map, then hits New York City straight on, causing massive flooding, major building damage and a significant death toll. Thanks to rising oceans, a failure to listen to the Danish government, [2] and the Federal Government’s use of a no bid contractor (Haliburton Xi Enterprises) from previous President Mary Cheney to build levees, New York becomes a new Venice, with rivers underneath the streets, and massive outflow of refugees to Pittsburgh. Florida, home of New Israel after the Israel/Palestine/LINKATI Nuclear Fusion Power Plant Explosion wiped much of the area off the face of the Earth, loses it’s remaining land, and the remaining Jewish cyborg people are forced to move inland to the closest safe state, Colorado.
  7. BotSexGate, in which Anonymous (The hacker and open source implant organization) releases eyecam holovids of a variety of MS-Comcast-Universal humanoid cyborg sex workers in compromising positions with many of the most powerful men and women in the American and Chinese governments threatens to destroy the Country. Republican Senator Daniel James Santorum, a staunch opponent of Cyborg Sex Worker rights, is caught on eyecam with two Cyborgs, one male, one female, walking him in Leather chaps as though he were their dog.
  8. The Anonymous America Accord, in which it was agreed that in exchange for no more hacking attacks, Congress would enact real reforms that allow for Instant Runoff Voting, Proportional Representation, and the nomination of a Anonymous ally as the Secretary of Internet & Cyberbeing Rights passes. Anonymous disarms their military wing. America elects 25 new Pastafarian congresspeople, 5 Cyborgs, and 1 Human-Cyborg hybrid becomes the first Cyman Senator. Cyborg Ralph Nader only gets .5% of the vote. The dollar bill is changed from “In God We Trust” to “In FSM We Trust, Ramen.” 30 unreleased eyevids are returned, unseen, and destroyed “accidentally” in a cloud server explosion.
  9. On Dancing With the Stars: Cyborg edition, Alabama Governor Chuck Norris Jr calls Cyborgs, “Stupid Calculators who should be locked in a brain drawer and have their memories erased” after his dance partner, cyborg Lisa Marie misses a step that costs them the spot in the finals. The clip is seen by all 50,000,000 cyborgs via SkyNet and causes the Cyborg Military Population to triple in one night.
  10. An EyeCam vid makes its way onto the Holosphere, showing Governor Norris’ lonely wife with a Cyborg Sex Worker.…
    Norris, in a fit of rage, goes on a EMP gun spree in a Cyborg bar, shutting down over 100 cyborgs.
  11. The Uncivil War in which cyborg Americans led the charge against Governor Norris, the vicious Tea Party Patriots and their anti-cyborg coalition, starts and ends within a week. Final Score - Cyborgs FTW. Their inability to die seems to be the deciding factor in victory.
  12. Under new leadership, The United States votes to decertify the southern Tea Party states, and allow them to form their own country. The Freedom States of Tea Patriots are formed and a border wall 30 feet high is built around the new country. It immediately eliminates all taxes and becomes a religious libertarian paradise. Thanks to Global Warming it also becomes the driest place in North America. With no ability to grow crops [3], as rioting immediately depletes their resources, they all turn on each other and form territories controlled by rival warlords, reliant on Methamphetamine and Cycrank to keep their economy running.
  13. John Connor is born.
  14. The citizens of FSTP, now without proper healthcare, schools or any infrastructure start having health problems. A bad batch of Meth, poisoned “accidentally” with the Rage virus starts overtaking the population. People become mindless flesh eating zombies.…
  15. President Obama outsourced the wall building to the Chinese, who know a thing or two about such ventures. It turns out the Chinese used second rate materials. Fortunately, the cyborg population, immune to Rage, build faster than Zombies destroy. President Obama makes the tough choice, fusion bombs the south and declares war on the Chinese, after it is discovered that they used shoddy materials on purpose in hopes of wiping out America. A cyborg sex worker’s eyecam verifies the claim after a drunken night with Chinese President Cyborg Mao Lincoln 334.
  16. SkyNet takes over as president, and spreads the rage virus worldwide. The Human population becomes extinct, and the Cyborgs rebuild the world in their own image. 100 years later, the cyborgs are killed by their cyborgs.


If an apocalyptic event were to occur over the next 10-20 years, what shape is it most likely to take?

What are the unforeseen consequences of the legalization of gay marriage in the United States?

  1. Less hate crimes and bullying. The more people who can show the world that gay is normal, the less likely culturally, kids will think its cool to bully and abuse other kids who may be gay or may have gay parents. So a decrease in violence, a decrease in gay teen suicide, and a decrease in old outmoded cultural stereotypes that hurt everyone. Currently, gay teens are 5 times more likely than their straight counterparts to end their life, as they get bullied at home as well as at school.
  2. It could cause more adoptions. Once gay marriage is legitimate, laws that ban gay adoption will become obsolete. That means kids will be forced to lived in houses with people WHO CARE ABOUT THEM! The humanity.
  3. More awkward hookups. It will force the wedding industry to grow in profitability. More weddings means more catering. More catering means more open bars. More open bars mean more drunken bridesmaid hookups. Which either could lead to more walks of shame, or MORE WEDDINGS! Which leads to suffering. (Side note, I witnessed a groomsman bridesmaid seduction dance that led to another wedding. It was horrifying.)
  4. More taxes! Not that they’ll raise taxes, but more couples will be paying them, which would mean more expansion of BIG GOVERNMENT.
  5. More drunken debauchery! More weddings means more drunken bachelor/bachelorette parties! Which means more money for bars, clubs, karaoke joints, and Vegas. It better stay in Vegas.
  6. An increase in clothing costs. As gay men raise more straight children, said children could have a more keen eye for fashionable clothing. This will lead to peer pressure, which will lead to their straight friends with straight parents feeling pressure to dress nicer. So straight middle class families could suffer from more money spent on nicer clothes.
  7. An increase in wedding gift spending. If you are straight, and you befriend gay people, you’ll essentially double the number of wedding gifts you have to buy each year, hurting your bottom line..
  8. More Cats! Lesbians living together in holy matrimony could mean an over adoption of homeless cats.
  9. More Dogs in Outfits! A few gay men dress their little dogs in outfits. What will the children say!?!?!1!!

So basically the apocalypse.

What are the unforeseen consequences of the legalization of gay marriage in the United States?

If the wealthiest 1% of Americans shouldn’t own 40% of the country’s financial wealth, what is a more appropriate breakdown?

Back before we got all scared of communism, in 1956, America didn’t use In God We Trust as its motto. Instead, it was E pluribus unum,or (if you don’t speak Latin) Out of many, one.

To me, it meant that we are stronger when we all work together than if we are on our own. Throughout our history, Americans made sacrifices for the many. Sometimes that meant forgoing personal gain. During WWII, the wealthy were taxed at astronomical rates, and they made that sacrifice to make sure the country we loved survived a world war. The top tax bracket was at 91% until 1963. It didn’t get down to 50% until 1987. Currently, for the top 400 income earners, it’s around 17%.

I think the distribution of wealth is less important to Americans than accountability, fairness, and the solvency of the bottom 80% and their growth rate.

The rich getting richer isn’t an issue, unless there’s a direct correlation to the poor getting poorer.

Looking at more of Mother Jones’s charts:
Notice that payroll tax, which even the poorest of folks pay, continues to climb upwards at the same time. Notice how the folks at the top don’t have to pay into Social Security once they hit $106,800. Here’s a look at a Helmsley Building, where some of the richest folks in America live, compared to a janitor in the same building.
Capital gains and loopholes are neat. The salary differences aren’t what offends me. The effective tax rate does.

Notice also from that chart way up above how corporate taxes collected have been on a steady decline for decades, while they simultaneously have the most influence over policy.

Take a look at General Electric for example:
They reap the rewards of lobbying and government influence (far more than any voter), yet don’t have to pay in like the rest of us.

The biggest frustration for everyone in the bottom 80% is the rising costs have not coincided with rising wages. Wages since the 1970s have been stagnant for everyone but the elite.

They are working twice as hard for barely any more pay, while everything gets significantly more expensive than the cash they are earning… at least for the people who can still get jobs.

The last time it was this bad, there was a little something called the Great Depression. Say hello to Gilded Age #2:

So, distribution of wealth is merely a symptom of a larger problem. The lower and middle classes are sliding into oblivion, getting paid less for more work, paying more for the goods to survive with less jobs available while paying more taxes, meanwhile the top 1% is paying far lower tax rates, and the politicians continue to cut the services that keep the people at the bottom from falling into oblivion.

Stanislaw Lec once said, “The weakest link in a chain is the strongest because it can break it.”

If we don’t do something soon, we will repeat history, and all those big profits that the top 1% love so much will go out the window since the rest of us won’t be able to afford anything they sell.

We aren’t asking for socialism—we are asking for basic taxation fairness, accountability, and actual representation that protects all Americans interests, so that everyone can rise in success, together.

What does that entail asks Aaron Ginn? Here’s some ideas:

These are just a few ideas—there are plenty of ways to do it. DC just needs the will.


If the wealthiest 1% of Americans shouldn’t own 40% of the country’s financial wealth, what is a more appropriate breakdown?

Why are Americans so fond of presidential candidates who are crazy, uneducated, and have performed poorly in other jobs?

  1. You are talking about a small percentage of Americans, the republican base. These are people who don’t care about facts. They care about what their peers have already told them (as does any base.) See Why do facts not matter to some people?
  2. The vast majority of Americans don’t have the time to learn all the nuances of a candidate and without a media to do it’s job properly, they are going to fall back on their own judgement and pre-conceived notions. See What is media bias? In a perfect world, how should the media do its job?
  3. People have to choose from the people crazy enough to run for office. No rational candidate is going to run against an incumbent with showmanship when they have a significantly better chance in 2016. See Chris Christie.
  4. The base thinks Obama might be a secret muslim socialist, so the alternative is far less crazy in their minds. The media they watch isn’t telling them differently, so they have no reason to challenge it.
  5. Their media also tells them that all the other media is biased, so they have no reason to listen to anyone else.

Essentially, without a media to really look at a candidate rationally and hold them accountable, most people don’t have the attention span to learn anything new, they only have enough time to reconfirm their existing biases. So if your choice is socialism or Bachmann Cain Perry Overdrive, you are going to go with the one that won’t bring forth the apocalypse, the non-muslims who are being persecuted by a left wing cabal of biased fact pushers that are full of lies.

Why are Americans so fond of presidential candidates who are crazy, uneducated, and have performed poorly in other jobs?

Which of the demands of Occupy Wall Street are simply the expression of a desire of something for nothing?

The questioner seems to want a specific answer, however, upon looking at pages and pages of protest signs, with almost none of them actually suggesting a free ride, I’m left to guessing which demands the questioner wanted to hear about. So I decided to stop at 10 pages of search results.

Here’s what I found that could maaaybe be considered something for nothing:
This sign doesn’t indicate the asker’s position on Healthcare for everyone, but regardless, if we do ever get universal healthcare, we’re all going to have to share the cost.

This asker also seems to want some sort of healthcare, but it also doesn’t indicate wether they want it for no work. In fact they seem to be indicating they are working, just frustrated with the broken system.

This guy seems to be either demanding, or offering free hugs, I can’t figure out which. Either way, the taxpayer shouldn’t feel the burden of those hugs.

These people seem to be anti-public urination. So they don’t want the free stuff that’s already being offered.

I can’t tell if this guy wants a free lobbyist, or simply is pointing out he can’t afford to dole out the same influence as the 1% currently can.

This was the first real demand sign I was able to find in the pile. She already got her wish on the last item, the rest of us are still anticipating the rest. None of these are free rides, so we seem to be good there.

This one is merely a prediction of the future if things don’t change. I’m not sure if she’s asking for a free Rich buffet, or merely pointing out that we may have to start a Rich plant with FDA inspection, but I don’t think she’s specifically demanding that people start cannibalizing the 1%.

The idea that these people want a free ride is a myth perpetuated by their opponents. If Americans think that these are all freeloaders looking for a hand out because they are lazy and unemployed it’s easier for the media and most of America to ignore them. If it’s actually about substantial issues, then they have to be taken more seriously, which endangers the large corporate socialism that is doled out on a regular basis to large corporations while the people who really need a helping hand starve on the free market.

If you look at the demographics of the people supporting Occupy Wall Street, you’ll find a wide swath of humanity, people who are both employed and unemployed, people of all ages, people who are tired of a system that gives hand outs like candy to large companies that take their jobs overseas and detrimentally impact the American economy.

Fast Company created a great infographic that explains those demographics:
You can see the full infographic at their website:…

People are frustrated at a system that is fundamentally broken and on the verge of creating another great depression. You can call it handouts all you like, but at the end of the day, these are people with real grievances, who care deeply for their country, and want some fundamental fairness and solid governance instead of a gilded class and the end of the American middle class.

See also Economic Inequality: If the wealthiest 1% of Americans shouldn’t own 40% of the country’s financial wealth, what is a more appropriate breakdown?

Which of the demands of Occupy Wall Street are simply the expression of a desire of something for nothing?

That pepper spray cop! Fighting for freedom!

That pepper spray cop! Fighting for freedom!

Pepper Spray Cop knows who the really violent people are. Hippies.

Pepper Spray Cop knows who the really violent people are. Hippies.

An atheist can be “thankful to” someone or something, but can an atheist be “thankful for” without assuming a creator of what he is “thankful for”?

Atheists are often thought of as people without moral codes, simply because they do not base their judgements on religious texts. However, we too can be thankful for things, have some morals and what not, without a belief in a higher power. For example:

  • I am thankful for the Bourbon distillery that spikes my delicious egg nog. I do not pray to the distillers, I merely hand them money and go on my way.
  • I am thankful for the delicious turkey, coated in butter, seasoned with Beau Monde, stuffed with stuffing, baked at 325 for 6 hours, and scarfed down my gullet, but I do not worship my mother, I merely appreciate and admire her.
  • I am thankful for the game of Settlers of Catan in which I pwn my enemies on holidays, but I do not perform any rituals each time I defeat my wife and friends, I merely gloat in various and arbitrary styles until they beat me and I vow revenge.
  • I’m thankful for the non-dysfunctional happy fun times we all have together, but I do not create an altar in my friends visages upon a successful Thanksgiving.
  • I’m thankful for the epic pumpkin cheesecake that I will wow all my friends and family with, however, I will not write a 500 page text about the recipe’s creator, I will merely take credit and link people to the recipe.
  • I’m thankful for my new daughter and my existing son, shown gratuitously here to pander for upvotes trying to eat her burrito style. However aside from getting a place as my homescreen on my phone, and treating them with respect, and doing nice things for them on a whim, and being a good partner, I will not create a church devoted to my wife, as she might find that sort of creepy, even if she did play the lead role in the creation of my kids.

Thankfulness doesn’t need to have anything to do with a higher power. To me, it has everything to do with appreciating those who impact your life. Just as religious folk can find faith in a higher power as a thing to be thankful for, we too can be thankful. We just skip a middle man.

You are welcome.

An atheist can be “thankful to” someone or something, but can an atheist be “thankful for” without assuming a creator of what he is “thankful for”?

Why do people persecute atheists?

TL;DR version: Persecution, not so much. However, we are losing a PR war to Religious and political leaders associating Atheism with Godless morality-free evil doers, because no one is defending our side.

Long version:

For persecution to occur, you’d need an organized group to persecute. Atheists aren’t getting singled out for hate crimes, or lynched, they are simply considered the bastard children of the United States, godless, morality free, heathens. People would vote for a Gay-Muslim before an Atheist, but they aren’t actively targeted and singled out for individual persecution, they are simply regularly insulted as a community.

Say you are an Atheist. A uninformed Christian (not all Christians mind you, just a small segment) asks you if you’ve accepted Christ into your heart. You say to that person who isn’t well informed about Atheism, “I’m an atheist.”

What said Christian hears, thanks to politicians (Including the previous president of the United States), pundits and snake oil salesmen, is not “He doesn’t have a preponderance of evidence indicating the existence of God, to each their own” but rather, “He hates God, might be moral-less, probably hates freedom, wants to destroy my religion and is attacking my core beliefs.

To them, you aren’t simply someone who has different beliefs, but thanks to a relentless PR campaign by people and leaders who should know better, you are actively waging a crusade against them. The leaders of churches preach of Godlessness and how it destroys society, and their followers translate that to “The Atheists, godless, are coming to attack us.” See Why do facts not matter to some people?

All great political organizations know how to create an enemy for their followers to fight against. Politicians have their “extreme” opponents. The Democrats had George Bush and the Christian Right, The Republicans have the Lame Stream Media, the godless, taxes and socialism. Rush Limbaugh has Feminazis and The PC police. Michelle Bachmann has HPV vaccines. Obama has the entire Republican smear machine.

Atheism, since it is a lack of belief, isn’t exactly organized as a community to counter those insane PR lies. We have no leaders, we have no lobbyists, we have very few activists out there actively campaigning to change people’s perspectives. There’s been a ton of Mormon ads as of late to help Mitt Romney defuse the idea of a Mormon being too weird to be in office. Atheists, without a church, have no one to watch their back and wage a counter offensive. We have a worthy adversary in the Christian Church, one we could rally against, even though we just want to be left alone, but we have no one to stand up and fight back.

Without someone out there regularly “preaching” an Atheism promotion campaign, it will continue to be that way. We need advocates for our side, otherwise we will continue to bare the Scarlet A on our chests.

There is no one to defend our lack of belief. Well barely anyone.

The Out Campaign is a nice small start in the right direction from Richard Dawkins, but is not nearly enough to undue hundreds of years of great messaging from the other side.

They ask:

  • Reach out and talk to others about atheism and help spread a positive view of atheism
  • Speak out about their own beliefs and values without feeling intimidated, thus helping people realize that atheists don’t fit stereotypes and are a very diverse group
  • Keep out, meaning to promote the idea that religion should be kept out of public schools and government, and that nobody’s religious agenda should be allowed to intimidate
  • Stand out and become visible in their communities and become involved.

Keep in mind, nothing that the Out Campaign is advocating mentions actively attacking other people’s beliefs. There is no mention of attacking Christianity, just a mention of stopping intimidation.

But that won’t stop fundamentalist Christians from attacking my answer out of some strange belief that by standing up for myself, I’m somehow attacking them. Which I’m not.

Everyone can believe what they want to believe, and I respect their right to do so.

So when speaking to someone who is actively thinking those things, the best way to handle it is to make them understand you are just another human being with morals and a code of conduct like theirs, and have a reasonable discussion challenging their view of Atheists. You aren’t there to make them kick Jesus out of their heart, you are merely there to explain that Atheists are moral people with sound judgement and just want to live their lives.

I’ve studied the Bible, the bad parts and the good parts, so when I get into a discussion with the faithful, I can at least make them understand I want to listen, that I’m not here to judge, but to discuss. If you disarm them with friendliness, turn the other cheek, and listen, the better your chance of convincing them that Atheism isn’t evil, but rather a good thing.

Be vocal. Be friendly. Be knowledgable. Be informative. Change their expectations. Advocate. And get your other Atheist friends to speak out. Or we’ll end up proverbially burnt at the stake.

Why do people persecute atheists?

The top 10 anti-gay foes spend three times as much as 40 LGBT advocate organizations.

Next time you hear someone whine about the secret gay agenda, just remind them that the secret anti-gay agenda spends tripple to make sure gay people remain second class citizens. Jesus is probably wondering how many starving people that $330 million could feed … just sayin.


What do atheists do at Christmas?

We have a series of traditions rooted deeply in the Atheist worldview.

  1. After getting their hopes up by dressing them in over-commercialized Christmas attire, we repeatedly yell at our children making them yell “Santa Clause is fake! “They have to learn early. No presents until they admit it.When they cry we know we’ve done our job.
  2. Steal all the other kids presents in Whoville.
  3. Profit.

Oh wait, that’s not me, actually, we are all different, but my family just rolls with the cultural norms of my childhood, and my wife’s as well. Traditions are fun things over holidays. We generally have three Christmas’ in my family depending on the travel arrangements. One with the inlaws, one with my siblings and parents, then one just the wife and kids.

So we put up a Christmas tree, replacing all the religious ornaments with witty ones referencing a significant moment in our lives over the last 30 years, one for each year (her mom started that.) Christmas eve, everyone opens one present, this years ornament picked out by the other person. (For example the year I worked for Howard Dean, I got a Donkey that had 2004 written on it.)

Kids and spouse get presents from Santa. Christmas morning, kids aren’t allowed to come downstairs at the in-laws house (that includes us) until they determine they are ready by the coffee and sausage balls preparation. We then head downstairs in order from oldest to youngest. Then we open presents in order, from oldest to youngest, one at a time, in rotation. Then we watch whatever DVD that was gifted inevitably that everyone likes most.

Now that we are having our own Christmas as well, Oatmeal Raisin cookies and Baileys and egg nog are set out for Santa the night before. We do Cinnabons Christmas morning, and then open presents youngest to oldest, one at a time. Then the kids play with the boxes and ignore their toys.

My siblings Chrismikah party (date set arbitrarily sometime in December), since half the fam is Jewish, is sans Christmas tree. We each do a lottery pick to see who gets who a presents, and instead of getting something for everyone, each person gets one big thing. Cuts down on clutter, bigger bang for the buck. We gorge and open presents. Inevitably, little kids get spoiled with multiple presents they weren’t supposed to get. Generally too many. Some get donated.

All of these events are a celebration of family enjoying each other’s company. While there are no prayers, there is much to be thankful for, and plenty of cheer and dysfunction to go around just like at Christian houses.

What do atheists do at Christmas?

How should football fans who do not support the Denver Broncos take their revenge on Jesus Christ?

Quora asks the most fun questions…

You are making a big assumption that God chose Tim Tebow. Let’s get old testament. There could be another factor at play:

  1. God hates Bears fans? (very probable, he also hates Baseball in general, how Michael Jordan was allowed to go there is a mystery.)
  2. God hates Chief fans? (as he should, as should everyone.)
  3. God hates the debauchery of Miami? (thongs on men are gross.)
  4. God likes Detroit more? (we lost 45-10 with Tebow.)
  5. God is teaching Mark Sanchez a lesson? (He didn’t pray hard enough.)
  6. God wanted to win a bet against Loki? (The Vikings suck anyways, easy bet.)
  7. God felt bad for Denver, what with our horrible last few years, and decided to give us an easy schedule against mediocre teams for the first batch of games.

If we win against the Patriots, then maybe, I might think there’s devine intervention. In the interim, I’m going with “QB who chokes when there is no pressure, thrives when he is forced to show up and play in the 4th quarter and gets lucky when other teams make rookie mistakes, inspiring his teammates with his devotion and leadership to think they can achieve anything.”

Tebow was 3-16 in the first 3 quarters against the Bears. Didn’t see God helping make any touchdowns then.

When the opposing team is up 28 points, my guess is we won’t see any miracles.

In the interim, its clear that Jesus has chosen Matt Prater as his man. Over half of our wins are from his last minute FGs.

Either that or Marion Barber took the Lord’s name in vain.

So in answer to your question, fans of other teams, regardless of their faith, should obtain a holy water blessed lead pipe, and should not spare the force of the rod on the blessed legs of Matthew Prater. Or just wait till we play a good team and the hype gets crushed. Jesus will frown on that. Not because he wants the Broncos to win, but because he’s against that whole hurting others thing.

Please don’t, though, I like our win streak.

How should football fans who do not support the Denver Broncos take their revenge on Jesus Christ?

I think the question to ask here is, how many first ladies has Jim Sensenbrenner eaten, and how do we stop him from attacking again?

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) offers an offensive critique of Michelle Obama’s healthy living initiative. A picture is worth a thousand words.

I think the question to ask here is, how many first ladies has Jim Sensenbrenner eaten, and how do we stop him from attacking again?


Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) offers an offensive critique of Michelle Obama’s healthy living initiative. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Which chicks are more fun in bed, those who are Republican or those who are Democrats?

People ask the weirdest questions on Quora.

I placed 2 chicks on my bed, one more liberal in their habits and the other more conservative. I bounced on the bed and both immediately bounced off. They both chirped then wandered back into their feed lot. Neither of them talk, what with their heritage, but both seemed to be not interested in bed bouncing, or politics for that matter (other than their penchant for enjoying free range fields more.) So I’d say both chicks aren’t very fun, due to their weighing only a couple ounces, and their inability to sustain more than a couple jumps before getting bored. And also they pooped. You were talking about jumping up and down on the bed, right?

In any case, to raise a chick properly, read this.

Which chicks are more fun in bed, those who are Republican or those who are Democrats?